1. How can I get a discount?
    • Register with a group of ten (10) friends and get reduced prices for costumes
    • Be a R3Dcard holder
    • Pay off your costume by the early bird date

  2. How can I register online?

    • There are two ways in which one can register online
    • You can visit our website at www.redunlimited.net and click on your favorite costume.  You will be directed to the Online Registration Form.
    • You can also get the Online Registration Form from any of our Section Ambassadors.

  3. Can I pay online?

    • You can pay online by following the steps below.  All payments online are made in USD
      1. Completing and submitting your Online Registration Form
      2. Adding your order to the shopping cart
      3. Pay using PayPal

  4. What is included in the package?

      We are always looking for ways to provide the Ultimate Revelers Experience to you.  Below is a list of the standard offerings on the road. We are sure that you will get much more:

      • Reveler Armband and Road Guidelines
      • Reveler Mug
      • Goodies from sponsors

    • Is the early bird price still available?

      • The early bird price is only available up until April 31st unless you registered for the RED CARD in which case your price is locked in.
      • RED CARD registration must be completed by March 31st.
      • You can also register with a group of 10 and lock in a fantastic price for your RED Unlimited package.

    • Which band is playing for us on the road?

      • At this point we have not finalized who will be accompanying us on the Road.  As a valued RED Famaly member you will be the first to know once we decide.

    • Who are the DJ’s on the road?

      • At this point we have not finalized who will be accompanying us on the Road.  As a valued RED FAMALY member you will be the first to know once we decide.

    • What sets R3D Unlimited apart from other bands?

      • We are FAMALY…our revelers, our sponsors, our team are all FAMALY.  Just like family we sometimes fight, we often disagree but, in the end, we stand for each other first, always.
      • RED stands for Revelers with Energy to Dazzle.  No matter what we have fun. To be RED means to be willing to have fun no matter what.  
      • We provide the Ultimate Reveler Experience.  Others have followed but we are the innovators and each year we add a new dimension.

    • When does costume registration start?

      • Costume registration generally starts when prices and deposits for each section are released and can be done online or by contacting any section ambassador or team member.

    • What do I need for registration?

      • Registering with RED Unlimited is very easy.  You need to have your deposit and you need to know your sizes.  Register early to take advantage of our RED CARD, Group Discounts and Early Bird Prices.

    • Is it possible to collect someone’s costume on their behalf?

      • Yes it is but you need written authorization from the person (signed by them), their proof of payments, any balance remaining on the account and two forms of photo identification (both you and the person you are collecting for)

    • My costume does not fit, what do I do?

      • We highly encourage that you double check all sizes in your costume bag correspond to what you put when you registered. If they match but do not fit, contact your section ambassador or come to the distribution center and we will try to rectify any issues that you have.