R3D Unlimited also known as R3D Carnival or just R3D has continued to pride itself on providing the Ultimate Reveler Experience for patrons of Saint Lucia Carnival. From our inception in 2005, our mission has been to deliver the most vivacious and exhilarating carnival experience possible to our revelers, so that they can be, R3D, ‘Revellers with Energy to Dazzle’. We have continuously achieved this through overwhelming innovation and creativity with our amenities on the road. In 2005 we exposed Saint Lucia Carnival to an entirely new carnival product, The Party Band! This Party Band product was centered around sexy alluring costumes or Pretty Mas, a live band on the road along with DJs. Since then, we’ve grown by adding an all day BBQ Grill to the convoy, a beer garden, our very own cool down zone with foam and lots more. We have even put a boat with a Jacuzzi on the road. Yes, you read correctly a Jacuzzi! We continued to grow from strength to strength exploring even more greater opportunities while providing the most unprecedented standard of service possible.

Through these innovations and creativity and our unparalleled service to revellers, we have overhauled the carnival environment in Saint Lucia. It must also be said that we were the first in Saint Lucia Carnival to offer the full VIP experience to all sections on the road which helped us to become known as the band that delivers what they offer. It is through our growth and experience of having over 1500 revellers in 2010, that we came to appreciate that big is not always better, but rather the right size to be able to meet the satisfaction of all R3D Revellers by providing that sensational service to our revelers that we pride ourselves on.

Apart from our Ultimate Reveler Experience on the road, we have been an industry changer in other areas. We were the first to host a breakfast fete for Saint Lucia Carnival. Another first for the band was in 2018 when we launched with a breakfast fete to coincide with our theme, Sunrise, signalling a new and invigorated R3D. We have also had a National Carnival Queen, Miss R3D Unlimited.

Finally, what would your carnival be without attending our all-inclusive carnival Sunday Brunch and the best show for the carnival season, Colour Me R3D. Colour Me R3D has been our signature concert from 2008 with the likes of Machel Montano, Kes the Band, Patrice Roberts, Teddyson John, Farmer Nappy, Benjai, Alpha, Kakal, Nadia Batson, Ricky T, Skinny Fabulous, Onyan of the Burning Flames, Teeze & LA Crew, Destra, Mr. Killa, Arthur Allain, Superman HD, Maximus Dan, Invader, Orlando Octave, Michael Robinson, Erphaan Alves, Zan, Cloud 9, Terri Lyons, Evalucian and DYP along with other National, Regional and International artistes who have made the show that much better.

Red Unlimited, The Party Band – The Ultimate Reveler Experience

R3D to the World!!!